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Buy Valium In Australia Online 767 581 The War Horse Memorial

Imperial War Museum. Poppy our War Horse dedicated to the millions of UK, Allied and Commonwealth horses, mules and donkeys who gave service and sacrifice in the First World War, has been officially recognised by the Imperial War Museum and is now registered in their monuments archive Ref Number 82382. The War Memorials Register is…

Buy 100 Diazepam
Online Valium Australia 992 744 The War Horse Memorial

La Boutique du Miroir. We are delighted to team up with La Boutique du Miroir to offer an exclusive range of compact mirrors beautifully designed by artisan Amanda Murrell, who has chosen to support The War Horse Memorial this year. She explains: “I am an artisan living in the Charente region of France. I have been supporting…

Buy Valium Australia Online
Buy Valium London Uk 1080 742 The War Horse Memorial

Tom the New Zealand War Horse unveiled. A metal statue, a monument to recognise the contribution one soldier and his horse made in World War 1 – and a symbol for the service and sacrifice made by the people and their animals in and around Christchurch, New Zealand – has been unveiled. In a moving…

Valium Cheapest Price
Valium Buying Online 600 600 The War Horse Memorial

We are delighted to team up with acclaimed Welsh glass artists, DELYN Glass to offer unique purple poppy flowers and buds in a charming vase for £30, – 20% of which will be donated by the company to our Purple Poppy Appeal 2019. Please follow the link below to view the poppies and to place…

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk
Valium 10Mg Buy Online India 480 640 The War Horse Memorial

Windsor and Ascot Driving School. As part of our commitment to supporting equine and military charities – both large and small – we were delighted when Windsor and Ascot Driving School, who provide carriage riding for the disabled, approached us for help. They needed a new purpose-built carriage for Blue, a grey cob type pony…

Where Can I Buy Valium In Canada
Buy Diazepam India 768 770 The War Horse Memorial

Sky News.Weather feature!Poppy our magnificent War Horse provided a landmark backdrop for a Sky News weather report warning the nation that the present cold snap isn’t over yet and was set to get worse. Poppy, who stands high on a stone plinth on the Heatherwood Roundabout at the top of Ascot High Street in Berkshire,…

Buy Diazepam Msj
Valium Online Nz 850 638 The War Horse Memorial

Volunteer Ambassadors. Do you want to join us and make the difference in 2019? Over the past few months we’ve been inundated with support from hundreds of people across the UK and abroad. We didn’t realised just how many of you wanted to recognise, as we did, the role that horses, mules and donkeys have…

Buy Generic Valium Online
Valium Online 737 986 The War Horse Memorial

CHRISTMAS CARDS HALF PRICE SALE! Why not buy early for next Christmas and bag yourself a bargain with our half price Christmas cards. They’re now selling for £3 plus £2 postage and packaging, and feature Poppy our War Horse. Stocks are limited, so if you are interested please email soon to:

Buy Diazepam Uk 2Mg
Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk 992 700 The War Horse Memorial

Coworth Park Christmas Dinner and Dance. December 15th, 2018. This was the finale to our amazing fundraising year in support of our chosen charities and was held at Coworth Park, in Berkshire. More than 80 guests attended and enjoyed a champagne reception, wonderful food created by Micheline star head chef Adam Smith (including a chocolate…

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