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The Memorial will form a catalyst for an on-going fundraising campaign to support military and equine charities after all memorial costs are paid. Our principal beneficiaries will be The Household Cavalry Foundation and the Mane Chance Sanctuary. Other complementary charities will also be supported.

Household Cavalry Foundation Logo

The Household Cavalry Foundation is the official charity for the Household Cavalry. The Foundation provides charitable and pastoral support to all the members of the Household Cavalry family; our serving soldiers, operational casualties, veterans and families. The Foundation also supports the Household Cavalry’s heritage and the welfare of our retired horses.

Since The Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 the four antecedent regiments of today’s Household Cavalry (The 1st and 2nd Life Guards, the Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) and the 1st Royal Dragoons) and their modern successors in The Life Guards and The Blues & Royals have fought, as the Army’s senior regiments, in every major British campaign.

This year the Foundation has continued to support more beneficiaries than ever in our five charitable areas.  Support is especially important now the UK’s troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan. We must not only care for physical injuries, but also prepare for long term psychological problems, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that tend to emerge long after operational tours.

The Household Cavalry Foundation relies solely on public donations, and all funds raised go directly towards our five charitable areas: our serving soldiers, operational casualties, veterans, and families, and our heritage including our horses.

For more information about the Household Cavalry Foundation, to see how you can help, please visit our website: Cheap Valium India Thank you.

The Household Cavalry Foundation is truly grateful for your support!

Household Cavalry Foundation

HQ Household Cavalry
Horse Guards, Whitehall
London SW1A 2AX

Telephone: 020 7839 4858
Registered Charity 1151869

The Queen's Life Guard on Horse Guards' Parade
The Queen’s Life Guard on Horse Guards’ Parade
RHGD - Victory in The Falklands War 1982
RHGD – Victory in The Falklands War 1982
LG - Main Battle Tanks 1st Gulf War 1991
LG - Main Battle Tanks 1st Gulf War 1991
Household Cavalrymen in Afghanistan
Household Cavalrymen in Afghanistan

Mane Chance was set up in 2011 by actress and founding trustee Jenny Seagrove (pictured) out of  crisis. But, as sometimes happens in life, from out of a crisis beauty grows. Mane Chance has a herd of rescue horses and they are an example to anyone who wishes to visit the sanctuary the kindest and most considerate of keeping equines. Their horses are partners. They are teachers and healers.

Read More

They work with a local hospice – the terminally ill youngsters visit and just sit peacefully with their Shetlands, with breathtaking results. Young autistic people also visit – the tranquility of the site, the team of staff and volunteers that work alongside and the fact that they are accepted totally non- judgmentally, allows them to blossom. The Mane Chance role in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme welcomes teenagers every Saturday and at its heart is the deep, considerate connection that we believe should be possible between sentient beings. Mane Chance is now in the process of developing Chance2Be – a tailored ‘mindfulness with the horses’ programme that will be an early intervention for young people. Their dream is to create a model at Mane Chance that can be replicated around the country – helping horses and young people but with mutual respect and care.

The Sanctuary
Mane Chance Sanctuary
Monkshatch Garden Farm
Down Lane
+44 (0)1483 351526

Head Office
Mane Chance Sanctuary
BKL House
1 Venice Walk
London, W2 1RR
+44 (0)20 7446 6200

UK Charity No. 1144144