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September 2018

Thank you!

1080 1205 The War Horse Memorial

THANK YOU! From Wigan to Durham,  from Devon to Windsor… More of the images you lovely people from all over the UK have been sending us in support of our…

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Edinburgh Riding of the Marches

1080 810 The War Horse Memorial

Edinburgh Riding of the Marches. September 16, 2018. Around 20,000 people swarmed the streets of Edinburgh to watch the historic Riding of the Marches – and The War Horse Memorial…

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They also served

638 890 The War Horse Memorial

They also served. Remembering the Animals of War. Please join us at the Animals War Memorial, Park Lane, London on Sunday 11th November – 3.00pm for a short service of…

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Horseshoe Hearts

540 360 The War Horse Memorial

100 ‘Horseshoe Hearts’ displayed at Ascot Racecourse – War Horse Poppy included in the role of honour. International charity, World Horse Welfare, is honouring the millions of horses, donkeys and…

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Ascot Round Table 41 Club

992 581 The War Horse Memorial

Ascot Round Table 41 Club. Members of the Ascot Round Table 41 Club, keen to learn more about The War Horse Memorial and the Purple Poppy Appeal, invited co-Founder Alan…

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Jacqueline Carmichael

850 1021 The War Horse Memorial

Jacqueline Carmichael. Tweets from the Trenches: Little True Stories of Life & Death on the Western Front. We are delighted that Canadian author Jacqueline Carmichael has included her own personal…

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Jersey Pearl

1080 574 The War Horse Memorial

Jersey Pearl. Limited Edition Bracelets. Our friends at Jersey Pearl have produced a limited edition purple bracelet to complement the silver/gold coloured bracelets we launched our campaign with last year…

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Arthur the War Horse

606 405 The War Horse Memorial

The village of Little London remembers the War Horse. Pamber Parish Council, in Hampshire have unveiled Arthur the War Horse, a silhouette cut from 10mm steel plate, to commemorate not…

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