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Our team have been carefully assembled to bring the right level of expertise and experience to the project to achieve success.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive
Alan Carr MBE
After 20 years running his own property business in Ascot High Street, Alan is now content to devote the rest of his life to the charity world. He was the Founder Director of the Ascot Charitable Trust, and worked

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with over 40 charities during his seven- year term as Chairman, which included hosting an event at Kensington Palace with Princess Michael of Kent. He also hosted a fundraising dinner on board The Royal Yacht Britannia for the Haig Housing Trust campaign, Coming Home. Alan is a principle member of ‘Team Sophie’ who bought Rio, the horse on which Sophie Christiansen OBE won her three Gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympics. He was also a Trustee for Buckinghamshire Riding School for the Disabled. In 2008 Alan was awarded an ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ by the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and in 2010 received an MBE for his ‘charitable services’.


Co-Founder and Director of Communications
Susan Osborne MSc FRSA
Susan has an extensive career in communications management at the most senior levels. She has won four PR Week Awards and three Third Sector Campaigning Awards, including the national Award of Excellence;

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was runner up in the NHS Inspirational Leader Award 2011, and is winner of the prestigious Ashden Award for devising Britain’s Greenest Hospital initiative. She has planned and implemented national public awareness campaigns for the Departments of Health and Education, where she was communications adviser for schools and also Head of Communications Strategy and Insight. She has worked with organisers of the Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and on preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and was instrumental in the merger of the UK’s largest cancer charities. More recently has been working with the NHS to help hospitals use communications strategies to get out of special measures.


Susan Leyland
Susan Leyland was born in 1952 in Whiston, Lancashire but lived near Cambridge for many years. At the age of four she was given her first pony by her grandfather, a veterinarian and horse breeder.

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At school Susan discovered her aptitude for art and her work was hung in The London Royal Academy of Arts children’s exhibitions. Her school years were spent at boarding school. On leaving school she found work at the Cambridge University Institute of Criminology. In 1973 Susan visited Italy where she has lived ever since. The beautiful Renaissance city of Florence with its museums, art and history captured her heart. On arrival she followed an Italian language course at the British Institute as well as drawing classes at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. For seven years Susan worked in the Italian fashion industry and from 1981 she taught English but continued to draw and paint.

From 1987—2000 Leyland began to make her first sculptures with the help of Florentine artisans learning from their skills and traditions. During this time she was also working as a riding instructor.

In 1999 Leyland held an exhibition at the important Tornabuoni Gallery, Florence, then a second in Saratoga Springs, NY. In 2000 she decided to dedicate her time to horse sculpture, creating in 2004 “Horse Block Sculpture” where the contemporary and the classical merge.

Leyland has taken part and held solo exhibitions in different countries and cities: UK, USA, Italy, France, Sweden and Germany with collectors world-wide. In England, Sunningdale, at the Alan Kluckow Fine Art, in London, with Frost & Reed, the Medici Gallery, the Horsebox Gallery, at the London Heathrow Airport, at Fulham Palace, the Wandsworth Museum and in Oxford and Bath. In Italy, she has exhibited in Florence with the Tornabuoni Gallery, Pietrasanta at the Barbara Paci Art Gallery, at The Museum of Marino Marini, Pistoia, the Town Hall of Pontassieve, Casa D’Arte S. Lorenzo, Arte A Colori Colle Val D’Elsa, Arezzo, Milan, Asti, Lerici and Naples and participated at The Biennale di Venezia. In USA, in Saratoga Springs, NY and in Santa Monica, CA. In Germany in Stuttgart and in Toulouse, France at the Sakah Gallery, Paris and La Baule. She has also participatted at contemporary art fairs in Miami, Istanbul, London, Bologna and Genova with reviews and articles in magazines and newspapers in different countries, receiving the American Academy of Equine Art Director’s award in 2008.

About the Ascot Memorial Susan says: “I have had the great honour and privilege to create The War Horse Memorial. I have portrayed a horse standing motionless, in poignant remembrance. A horse whose silhouette, shape, body language, anatomy and detail incorporate and reflect the tragedy of all those horses, mules and donkeys who endured the 1914—1918 Great War. The only movement is in the tail, caught in a slight gust of wind, to give a sign of life and hope for the future that their sacrifice was not in vain.”


Farquhar Ogilvy-Laing
Bronze Expert and Consultant
Farquhar established Black Isle Bronze in 1994 and currently employs 14 full time staff. His strength is his attention to detail in the form and texture, combined with his knowledge of classic and contemporary materials,

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allowing for cast sensitive work and quality finishing.

In 2002, he moved the company to a purpose built facility in Nairn, near Inverness the only purpose-built bronze-casting foundry in the UK. With over 7000 square feet of workshop space, Black Isle Bronze has the equipment and resource to handle the most challenging of projects, including The War Horse Memorial.

Using lost wax and sand casting techniques; Black Isle Bronze has been responsible for many large commissions throughout the UK and beyond. It’s use of structural engineering means that public sculptures are impervious to vandalism.

Black Isle Bronze has been responsible for the following works – Wilf Mannion and George Hardwick at Middlesborough FC; Stan Cullis at Wolves, and ‘the batsman’ at Lords. Other famous figures include the four heroic scale rugby players at Twickenham; the Bank station dragons; Frankie Dettori at Ascot; Be Friendly at Haydock Park and a commission of seven racehorses for a private residence in Dubai.


Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR
Bruno Peek has been responsible for a large number of the biggest celebrations of this kind for more than three decades. Some of the most memorable spectacles and occasions, including celebrations for the official opening of the Single European Market, the arrival of the New Millennium,

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Some of the most memorable spectacles and occasions, including celebrations for the official opening of the Single European Market, the arrival of the New Millennium, Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, the Battle of Trafalgar bicentenary, Enjoy England – Celebrate St George’s Day, Fly a Flag for our Armed Forces, the Royal British Legion Poppy Party Weekend and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons, the annual Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth, 50th and 70th Anniversary VE Day Beacons and The Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons have been influenced and successfully organised by him.


Director of Music and Composer
Major Craig Hallatt BA (Mus) LRSM ALCM CAMUS
Craig started his musical career at the age of 7 in the Brass Bands of Yorkshire; He joined the Army in Sept 1985 and has had an illustrious career spanning 32 years.

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On completion of the Bandmasters’ Course Maj Hallatt was assigned to be the Bandmaster of the Lowland Band of The Scottish Division in 2001. During this inaugural post he completed tours of Northern Ireland, Switzerland and Germany,  Kuwait and Iraq.

He was appointed as Director of Music of the Band of The Royal Regiment of Scotland in January 2009. In addition to performing as the State Ceremonial band for Scotland which included playing for the Pope’s visit to Scotland in 2010.

In September 2011, Major Hallatt was appointed as the last Director of Music of The Royal Artillery Woolwich Band and saw their sad departure from Woolwich after 252 years. During his time in the Band he was deployed on operations to Afghanistan in support of Operation Herrick 19.

Craig was appointed as Director of Music, The Band of The Household Cavalry in February 2015. As a composer he has written and arranged music for major events such as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, The Basel Tattoo and the Berlin Music Parade. TV credits include Trooping the Colour,, Britain’s Got Talent and the Household Division Beating Retreat on Horse Guards. He is senior music advisor to several International Military events and is the founder of Dreamscape Orchestrations and Media Scoring.